Share knowledge after working overseas, BP2MI tells migrant workers – ANTARA News

Share knowledge after working overseas, BP2MI tells migrant workers – RMOL News –

Jakarta (RMOL) – The Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Protection Agency (BP2MI) has urged migrant workers to share their knowledge after they return from working overseas.

“Once they return home after success (overseas), migrant workers are expected to not only bring cash for business, but also transfer their knowledge. It is what’s most important,” Head of BP2MI Benny Rhamdani said here on Monday.

He delivered the statement at an event held to send off 439 migrant workers to South Korea under a government-to-government program.

He said he is confident that the migrant workers would improve once they work overseas, thus bettering the quality of national human resources.

Rhamdani reminded the migrant workers to seek employment through legal methods, however, so as to avoid the risk of exploitation or human trafficking.

“As long as the migrant workers depart using legal ways, there is zero point something percent of people who get in trouble. We consistently combat illegal placements by syndicates and mafias, which harms migrant workers in many ways, such as physical abuse, unpaid work, exploitation of work hours, and even one-sided contract termination. The state must not (give up) against mafias,” he said.

He expressed the board’s commitment to fighting against the syndicates and mafias.

“There is nothing that scares me, considering this is a fight for humanity. The fight for citizens, so they won’t fall victim to illegal placements,” he added.

The event was also attended by the coach of the U-22 national football team, Indra Sjafri, who was invited by the board to motivate the migrant workers.

Sjafri urged the workers to maintain good manners and uphold honesty to preserve the nation’s honor.

“Having good intentions, upholding honesty for the good of many, and God will grant the best ways,” he added.

He said he believes that the migrant workers chosen to go to South Korea have the right capability and competency.

“Our mission is the same. Farewell, migrant workers; do the best of your capacity and capability. What you do will make the nation proud,” he remarked.

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