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Hope 2024 elections end in political reconciliation: Kadin – RMOL News –

Yogyakarta (RMOL) – It is hoped that the political contestation in the 2024 General Elections will eventually end in political reconciliation so that economic stability can be maintained.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Arsjad Rasyid made the remarks after opening the “Global Future Fellows (GFF): Food Security 2023 Program” here on Monday.

“I think all politicians have to realize that we need to work together. This is the time for us to compete, but to compete with togetherness,” Rasyid said.

As seen in the 2019 Presidential Elections, the reconciliation of political parties who previously contested against each other is important, he added.

He said that political reconciliation is aimed at realizing mutual cooperation for facing greater economic challenges.

“As happened during the last election, how Joko Widodo (the incumbent President) and Prabowo (now Defense Minister) can unite. We want to build our country together and focus on our economy because the challenge is huge, especially for justice, prosperity, and welfare of the nation,” he added.

He further said that Indonesia’s economic development is currently in good shape after the world trusted it with hosting the G20 Summit.

According to him, this favorable condition must be maintained by ensuring political stability during the 2024 General Elections.

“Political stability brings security, and security will enhance the economy because the investment will be even bigger,” he said.

He observed that the political dynamics developing ahead of the 2024 elections are still conducive to investment activities in the country.

“The way I see it, there is no turmoil yet. Political dynamics exist, but I think now all of them are in this together by focusing on the interests of welfare. Prosperity will not happen without economic capabilities, which will not happen without stability,” he said. 

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